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  • Columbia River Gorge

    I said I was going to write a post or make a video every week. Yesterday came and passed and I still did not do anything. That is not technically true, I did get my car fixed and later took my dog to the Columbia River Gorge for a bit of a walk. That is it! The Gorge is what I will post today. Please enjoy some of my favorties from my past side trips down I-84 or Wa Hwy 14. 

    Punch Bowl FallsThis is an idealistic view of the American west by photographer Ed Devereaux. While I shoot many portraits in my studio in Portland Oregon if I can take a month a year shooting in the Pacific Northwest only I would.Along Washington state HWY 14 is this memorial to WWI casualties. Sam Hill’s Mansion, as well as the American Stonehenge, are now part of the Maryhill Museum of Art.Vista house

  • Photo session can be simple and fast

    Many clients and even photographers think a photo session has to be a big production. That is not always the case. 

  • Getting started as a portrait photographer


    To be honest, I was going to show some of my early work when I first moved my photography focus to people. I have to admit, they were not very good but at the time I thought they we wonderful. Years later, with hundreds of hours of training, thousands of hours making photos and the creation of over 25,000 photos, I still have not stopped learning but I do know that my photography is worth your hiring me. 

    Screw it, here are some of my early portraits that still, to this day, are what inspire me to keep the camera close. 

    When my youngest daughter turned 13 I wanted to make sure she knew how beautiful she is. Last week she turned 18 and I cried in my bedroom. 

    Haley was my muse and we made a lot of bad photos together but she was always down to try to make a great photo. 

    Armina was the first professional model I had ever worked with. She gave me more instruction by just how she was able to go from pose to pose in our first shoot together than almost every bit of instruction since. We shot together a few times and I am thankful to this day. 

    Meet the person who started it all, KJ. When I was asked to take her high school senior pictures I was not sure. When I was able to witness the her reaction, her mother's and other family members I knew I wanted to make more photos with people. 

    There were more people who inspired me on the path I am on now but these people, they were the catalyst. 

    Would you like your family's or your own portraits to be upgraded from the selfie, how about giving me a shout here. I bet it is more affordable than you think. 

  • Photographing men

    Ok, it looks like I might be able to fulfill the promise I made to myself. My promise was to post at least weekly since my return and yeah, this is my second post on time. Today I will talk about why you don't find many photographs of men in my portfolio. I started to ponder this question after an email from a male model who noticed he did not see many men in my portfolio and do I photograph men? Of course I do, I am a photographer and I should be able to photograph anything and not just one specific theme. Here are some of that I have photographed in the past. 

    If you are looking for a photographer I would love to hear from you

  • Kiana in the snow

    Not too long ago I went out with Kiana to the mountains near Portland for an idea we have had for over a year now. We were finally able to make it happen. Kiana is one of those special people who get in front a camera and transform into a photographer's dream. Kiana is not a full time model but a student. She loves to be photographed as it helps her self esteem. This is what I love to do with my photos, make people find that they are beautiful regardless of the things they believe are flaws. 


    Hope you enjoy these photos. If you would like to see more of my work you can find it at eddevereaux.com

    Do you have a photoshoot idea you would like to try or just need a good high quality portrait taken? Contact me



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