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  • New branding thanks to Vista Print

    I am pretty excited. I have been at this for some time now, as a photographer. Looking back I may have gotten too excited with how to market myself and my photography. You know, because a photographer is not just selling their photos but also themselves. That is a whole different story. I did, however, go back to Vista Print for help. I wanted a message and a theme.

    Upgrade the selfie is what I have chosen. Those simple 3 words convey to me a meaning and an uplifting of the art of portrait photography. So after finding my message and tagline I had a couple shirts made. Maybe I will sell them like Jared Polin does with his "I shoot raw" merchandise. (I shoot raw refers to the file type of a digital photo). 

    But wait, that is not all. There is a debate among photographers about business cards. This is just one of many disagreements photographers may have. We can be a bunch of opinionated asshats when we want to be. The debate is that you should have photos on your cards. I disagree, yes I am mainly a portrait style photographer but I also shoot real estate, sports, wedding, events, and landscapes. I am a photographer not just a portrait photographer. 

    Do you remember the card that George Clooney's character in "Ocean's Eleven" gave to Matt Damon. It was simple, elegant and had just his name on it. For years now I have been thinking about how classic that card was. Of course, as a thief Danny Ocean could not give a phone number or website but I decided to go in that vein of card. My first name is Edmund. Most people call me Ed and a rare few call me Eddie. But let me be real here, Edmund Devereaux is  a great name. 

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  • No show, no problem - Civil War

    This past Sunday, a very windy and rainy day here in the Portland area, I had scheduled a photo shoot. We were going to go for a ball style dress around Ft. Vancouver in Vancouver Washington. It turned out she did not show up and this is after I spent an hour finding locations for the shots. I for one thought, there has to be something going on that I could photograph, even if that was to go to a water fall. I did find that right where I was, a Civil War reenactment group was set up on the large field. 

    By the end of the morning I was happy with what I shot. It was not my wanted outcome but a happy ending none the less. Have a great week.

  • Vancouver Washington Group shoot

    A little while ago I participated in a group get together in downtown Vancouver Washington. This was all arranged by David Maygra, a local portrait photographer. The word went out looking for photographers, make-up artists and models to come together and practice. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in one of the local northwest area group shoots there are a couple things you need to be aware of. 

    1. Just because the shoot is looking for "models", that does not mean they are what most would consider a model. These style of group shoots are more for people who like to get creative and get photographed. Many times you will meet with professional photographers, mid-level photographers and newbees. You should receive 2 retouched photos from every photographer you work with. If you really want to get into modeling this is a great way to start your portfolio and get practice but if you are that serious about it please contact me

    2. Make-up artist and hair stylists many times show and charge as little as $10 or as much as $50. When everyone is doing this pretty much for free I feel that $10 is a valid rate. This fee is to help the MUA (Make-Up artist) replace what they use. 

    3. Photographer don't all come in one package. You will have natural light photographers, photographers that have flashes on their camera and even some who build studio like lighting for their shots. Some will be very good and some may not, and that especially includes the photo edits. This is as much of practice for us as it is for the person in front of the camera. 

    In the end don't show with a preconceived notion of what a photo shoot should be and definitely have an open mind, in the end we all have a different artistic vision. 


  • Columbia River Gorge

    I said I was going to write a post or make a video every week. Yesterday came and passed and I still did not do anything. That is not technically true, I did get my car fixed and later took my dog to the Columbia River Gorge for a bit of a walk. That is it! The Gorge is what I will post today. Please enjoy some of my favorties from my past side trips down I-84 or Wa Hwy 14. 

    Punch Bowl FallsThis is an idealistic view of the American west by photographer Ed Devereaux. While I shoot many portraits in my studio in Portland Oregon if I can take a month a year shooting in the Pacific Northwest only I would.Along Washington state HWY 14 is this memorial to WWI casualties. Sam Hill’s Mansion, as well as the American Stonehenge, are now part of the Maryhill Museum of Art.Vista house

  • Photo session can be simple and fast

    Many clients and even photographers think a photo session has to be a big production. That is not always the case. 


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