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  • Scouting for locations - sans Jeep

    One of the things that I love to do when I don't have a photoshoot is to go out and scout locations. Part of my efforts in doing that is to finally get a 4X4 Wrangler. Don't tell my wife but she thinks it is for her. Just kidding, she is well aware of my reasons but it is her Wrangler. I found the exact one I was looking for at the Vancouver Truck Center, we did the deal and put the deposit down but it looks like the Jeep needs a bit of love first so we have to wait. So out I went in my trusty Hyundai Tiburon and we found Dougan Falls. 


    When I shared this photo on Facebook one of my friends who is an avid camper and outdoorsy woman immediately recognized it and suggested some other spots near there. I would of found those spots myself if I would of had the Wrangler but alas, I get by with a little help from my friends. 

    This is what I fully believe that is part of my service to my clients. If they decide they want the grand experience to include unique locations than I aim to deliver. We live in the most beautiful part of the United States here in the Northwest, why not use it and enjoy it. 

  • It was hot, so Mahsa made it hotter

    The last post I mentioned that my wife and I met Mahsa at Arcadia beach for an photo shoot. The goal was to build on her portfolio with some bikini shots. What first came out was this amazing blue dress that seemed to have a haze to match the waves. 

    I have been asked this before and I will now tell you a secret. Mahsa is not a model or in her 20's. This is a regular woman with a regular job. If you choose to allow me to take your portraits, regardless if it is on the beach, in a studio or in your home I can promise you that I will do everything I can to make sure your images are special. The secret is, if you do not like your photos you don't have to pay anything. So please allow me to prove myself to you, book a shoot with me and if I don't deliver photos you love than you don't need to pay anything. 

  • Mahsa in modern

    It is no secret that I love photographing with Mahsa. I love finding that person who has the style, grace and looks who is not a model but someone who in their late 20's or early 30's has finally found their style. She is such a wonderful person and we just finished shooting last week a beach photoshoot down on the Oregon Coast. If you were in the Arcadia Beach area you may have seen us. 

    Mahsa is wearing an outfit from the TopShop at Nordstroms

     women's top with square pattern

    woman's top and skirt with square pattern

    modern woman waiting for public transportation

    Read Mahsa's post about overcoming fear of being photographed in public here

    Visit my website to see all the photos we took in downtown Portland Oregon. 


  • Lifestyle Hayley Portland

    Lifestyle with Hayley Downtown Portland Oregon

    Website: Eddevereaux.com Facebook: Sabot Images




    Sabot Images

    Going on vacation and if you would like please visit my website and look at all the photos. Will be back soon with new photos. 

  • Bohemian Mahsa on Sauvie Island

    Editorial of Mahsa on Sauvie Island

    Website: Eddevereaux.com Facebook: Sabot Images

    Lace Dress

    Lace dress and tree

    bohemian lace dress in trees

    Mahsa Emami - Fashion, Style and Beauty


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