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  • Lifestyle Hayley Portland

    Lifestyle with Hayley Downtown Portland Oregon

    Website: Eddevereaux.com Facebook: Sabot Images




    Sabot Images

    Going on vacation and if you would like please visit my website and look at all the photos. Will be back soon with new photos. 

  • Bohemian Mahsa on Sauvie Island

    Editorial of Mahsa on Sauvie Island

    Website: Eddevereaux.com Facebook: Sabot Images

    Lace Dress

    Lace dress and tree

    bohemian lace dress in trees

    Mahsa Emami - Fashion, Style and Beauty

  • Don't let your insecurities stop you

    I have something that drives me a bit nuts. I even do it and that is when we allow our insecurities to stop us from living our lives. I hate talking on the phone so I took a side job where I spend a lot of time doing just that. Never had that problem as a teenager but now I do. Recently I photographed Janet who had insecurities of her own. What are they, none of your business but can you see a reason she should have any? This is a smart and beautiful woman and so are you. 

    Would you want to see more of the photos I took with Janet at the Portland's Women's Forum in the Columbia River Gorge? Check out my website


  • Test Shoot with Mahsa - Fashionista with beauty

    I am glad I get to show these photos now. I wanted to wait until I knew Mahsa was able to share them first. Mahsa is a Portland area Fashionista whose blog you and read here. I placed several calls for test shoots on different places on the internet. When Mahsa volunteered I never looked back. We decided to collaborate and without ever meeting we were able to make some wonderful fashion photos for her blog. 

    Would you like the opportunity for a test shoot? Contact me through either of my Facebook Fan Pages. Sabot Images Family and Fashion or Edmund Devereaux - The Sexier Side


  • Spring in the Columbia River Gorge

    For years now I have wanted to find someone, anyone who was willing to go out into the beautiful Columbia River Gorge during the spring flower season and take a few wonderful portraits. This past week I was finally able to do that with Kiana.

    Portland Outdoor Portrait

    Many people say they have a camera on their phone, they don't want to hire a photographer for what they think they can do without one. Since Mother's Day is just around the corner, you have a kitchen, why are you taking her out to eat. You have a florist but you could grow them yourself right. #upgradetheselfie and try now, for a limited time offer, a complimentary session and photo for yourself or a couple and I will give you one full resolution digital file or a 8x12 print of your choice just to try. What do you have to look. Contact me at info@sabotimage.com for more information. Have a great rest of your week and see you next time. Edmund Devereaux Portrait Photographer - Portland Oregon


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