What are you, a knower or a doer?

Have you ever heard the term those who cannot do teach? I don’t believe that is true as some exceptional instructors have come through my life, in high school, college, Army, advertising, and photography. What truly sets the very successful apart from the mediocre like myself is doing.


Experts, instructors and even your customers can be wrong.

Here is the scenario, you photographed a landscape image that you personally love. You violated some of the typical rules for landscapes - foreground element and interesting sky but maybe your sky was of the pretty blue wide open variety. I am a habitual learner and knower as I am one to freely admit, do-er has always been my weakness. Like this blog post, hand wrote it a couple weeks ago, is just now being typed. One of my favorite things to watch while photo editing or just sitting around is to watch videos on the web. Not those videos, photography related videos, videos like "The Grid". The grid is hosted by Scott Kelby and he had Rick Sammon on the show to blind critique some images that were submitted. Both these dudes are excellent photographers, instructors and just great to learn from. During one of the critiques, there was a landscape photo with a big blue sky and the comment was, that it should have been less a focus in the photo and as I looked out of my rainy window here in Portland Oregon I wondered if that belief is only due to preestablished rules or due to personal environment. Scott is in Florida so a blue beautiful sky is, well, boring. Like the Empire State building to New Yorkers, it is just there. I happen to love Oregon landscapes with a blue sky, as it is not the norm and I find those images wonderful, but in a landscape competition, that photo I like would loose. 

Select a photographer on what they use to edit their shots

You get a lot of types behind the camera. There are strobists who adore and are obsessed by types and lighting styles. They know things about inverse square law and have thousands of dollars in lighting and light modifiers.  There are the natural light photographers who only use the sun, reflections, and reflectors. Then you have the in-betweeners like me who sometimes use lights but sometimes not. If I was hiring a photographer, I would not care how he lights the photos but I do care about his editing. 
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