How closely do you monitor and control your photography?

Steve Jobs did not invent how Apple makes the products that are loved by so many. Why would I say that he was a genius but his idea of controlling a high-end brand from start to finish was not something unique, Baron Philippe de Rothschild did that in the early 1920s?

Rothschild did not like that his wine was not given the respect it deserved so he created the respect. So he created “chateau bottling”. Mouton estate wines became the drink of the sophisticated and wealthy.

 This was part of Steve Job’s brilliance as well. Remember when Apple was the expensive product used by professional designers, photographers, and graphic designers for the most part. Yeah, some computer geeks were drawn to it like I was in 1985, caught up in a strategy war game on my sergeant’s computer while in the Army. It was after a 24-hour duty and I stayed up another 4 hours to play that game. Every time I had Charge of Quarters duty with Sgt Jernigan he would bring out that computer. I would stay awake all night and he could nap knowing he was covered.

I am not a fanboy for Apple but when I had the opportunity to work with a Mac-Pro while the Art Director for a print and online directory advertising company I fell back in love. Soon after I bought my own iMac and my wife her Macbook. That was long ago as the prices for Apple and the failure to keep up with the features and power of Microsoft has pulled me away.
With the death of Steve Jobs that focus on serving the best for the best has died a bit. Recently they announced the Mac Pro redesign that will come out sometime before 2020. So what has this to do with being a photographer? If you do not keep your quality and continue to improve it your most important customers will think of going somewhere else. 

What do your pricing, customers, and creation process say about you? Are your prices so low you do not attract the clients that will keep you going in the long run? Are the prices for your photography too high and you are losing business? The photos you take, are they good enough to charge for the prices you charge, not because you think so but because you know so from people who are not your friends and family? Do you control the process of creating your images? Do you control what your brand says about you?

These are many questions to think about and ones I am always wondering myself. How closely do you monitor and control your photography?

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